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Zion I

Zion-I - Family Business, Mixed CD

Zion-I - Family Business, Mixed CD

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The Zion-I mixtape is finally here! Not only do Zion and Amp Live deliver solid lyrics and knockin' beats, they have an all-star line up of guest appearances...Lyrics Born, Vast Aire, Aesop Rock, Pep Love, Encore, C Rayz Walz, Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers), Martin Luther, Deuce Eclipse, DUST and many more!

The mix has been gettin mad rotation here at the Peach, and we feel that it could have easily been their third album (although it is only a teaser for their upcoming full length "True and Livin'" coming Spring 2005!)


1. Intro
2. The Warm Up Feat. Miss Mariana and Encore
3. Act Right
4. Sirens
5. Oxygen
6. Get Ur Weight Up Feat. Deuce Eclipse & DUST
7. Silly Puddy (Remix) Feat Lyrics Born
8. Dumb Down
9. Killa Cali
10. Salt in the Game
11. Radius Feat. Deuce Eclipse
12. Places Feat DUST, A Plus, C Razy Walz, Peaceshine, Pep Love, and Raashan Ahmad
13. Sorry Remix Feat C. Holiday and Martin Luther
14. Family Business

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