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Zion I

Zion-I - Deep Water Slang, CD

Zion-I - Deep Water Slang, CD

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Zion I returns with their follow up to the hit album Mind Over Matter! Deep Water Slang is their latest verbal masterpiece that fans from around the nation have been waiting for! Guests include Pep Love, Aceyalone, Martin Luther, Grouch, and Goapele. If you have not picked up this album yet, you are missing out! This album has been nominated for the independent album of the year by the Source for 2003


1. Jahmbo
2. The Drill
3. Warriors Dance
4. Finger paint
5. Kharma
6. Flow
7. A.E.I.O.U.
8. Deepwaterslang
9. Cheeba Cheeba
10. Kick Snare
11. Sorry
12. Le Le Le
13. Boom Bip
14. Mind Blow
15. Dune

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