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Zion I - Atomic Clock, CD

Zion I - Atomic Clock, CD

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Atomic Clock is Zion I's seventh full-length album and the highly anticipated follow up to 2009's, The Takeover. On Atomic Clock, Zion I continue to explore a new direction fuzing Amp Live's electronic production with acoustic elements, creating a style that mashes every Zion I album out to date into one. Producer/Beatmaker, Amp Live flexes his versatile production skills complimented with MC Zumbi's steady lyrical artistry creating a classic Zion I album that stands up with the rest of their deep diverse catalog.

Zumbi states, "We called the album Atomic Clock after the immaculate timing and rhythm it takes between musicians in one room to make good music."

Amp Live notes, "We used mostly live instrumentation on this album, and worked with a lot of different musicians. My beats are a little bit more atmospheric, with a dub reggae style on some tracks."

The album maintains a catchy dub reggae backdrop for the tracks "Always" and "Dubstar", while still uploading the socially-conscious rhetoric that Zumbi is known for. On the snare pounding, piano and horn driven "Always", Zumbi sings the chorus, "Love conquers always, gotta keep your head up," creating an anthem to keep positive. With the track "Fix It", Amp mixes his futuristic beats, live drum work, and violin continuing to do exactly what they set out to do on Atomic Clock- make good music. Atomic Clockis Zion I pushing their boundaries musically, and lyrically sending a positive message to their fans that keep coming back, album after album.
Track Listing:
1. Foreword 
2. Always 
3. 4U 
4. The Sealing 
5. Signs of Light 
6. Polarity (feat. Macklemore / Locksmith) 
7. Girlz (feat. Martin Luther) 
8. Many Stylez (feat. Rebelution) 
9. North Star 
10. The Sun Came Out 
11. Infatuation 
12. The History 
13. Auto Automic
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