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Zero Star - Forever's Never Really That Long, CD

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Debut full-length release from Columbus native and newest addition to the weightless crew, Zero Star. Produced by Blueprint, DJ Przm, and Ree-Dic. Guest vocals by Blueprint. Don't sleep on this debut... you'll be sorry later.


Track Listing:


01- believe it (prod. blue print) [00:59]
02- hello (prod. ree dic) [01:19]
03- if i had a problem (prod. blue print) [02:55]
04- train of thought (prod. blue print) [03:58]
05- the lounge (prod. przm) [02:32]
06- never enough (prod. ree dic) [03:27]
07- concrete [02:06]
08- after thoughts (prod. ree dic) [02:06]
09- help is on the way (prod. blue print) [02:44]
10- pti (pardon the interuption) [02:27]
(prod.ree dic)
11- the cycle remix pt.2 (prod. blue print) [03:14]
12- two way street (prod. ree dic) [02:37]
13- stress 101 (prod. blue print) [03:13]
14- catch up ft. blue print [02:09]
15- people (prod. blue print) [04:22]
16- outro ft. brian michael murphy [05:48]
(prod. ree dic)


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