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Zeph & Azeem - Rise Up, CD

Zeph & Azeem - Rise Up, CD

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 While supplies last: comes with free mix cd & OM Hip Hop sticker.

"Rise Up", the long-awaited album from veteran underground emissaries Zeph and Azeem, offers thirteen tracks (and two interludes) worth of consciousness-lifting metaphors, party-rocking beats, and undiluted, 100% rebel music. In the tradition of classic pairings like Guru & Premier, the D.O.C. and Dr. Dre, Eric B. & Rakim (and, more recently, Aceyalone and RJD2), Rise Up matches one DJ/producer with one MC, with suitably stellar results.

One of the dopest hip hop duos since Eric B & Rakim. - REMIX (Bold the name)


1. Rise Up (feat. Luv Fyah)
2. Ten Steps Ahead
3. Come One Come All
4. That Type of Music
5. Ay Mami
6. Here Comes The Judge
7. Bonus Beats
8. Kush in the Bush (interlude)
9. Time To Wake Up (feat. Joyo Velarde & Tony Moses)
10. Alpha Zeta
11. Play the Drum
12. Everything's Different (feat. Tut & DJ Teeko)
13. Make Your Brain Swing
14. Last Call (interlude)
15. One Moor Time
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