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Xrabit & DMG$ - Hello World, CD

Xrabit & DMG$ - Hello World, CD

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Xrabit + DMG$ aren't so much stepping into your world as inviting you to step into theirs. The trio have fashioned an album the like of which hasn't been heard before, a unique mix of influences drawn from across the world and meeting in one of the funniest, most irreverent, freshest hip hop records you'll have come across in a long, long while. Unfraid of being catchy, less interested in your definiton of "cool" than their own, this is deep-fried, full fat, party music - for people who like their parties interesting.

From the opening "Damaged Good$," (the MCs' original group name) the tone of the record is established. Producer Xrabit snaps together a beat that wears it's influences lightly and isn't afraid to be catchy-as-fuck whilst doing things which in other contexts would be classed as avant garde. Over it, Trak bully and Coool Dundee show why they're an MC duo to watch. Straight out of deepest Texas, they use rap as something to explore their own life rather than as some Biblical document with which Thou Must Not Fuck. Tall, laid-back, deep-voiced, Coool constantly shows his grasp of hip hop lineage with witty, referential rhymes. Trak, the quicker, more "Southern" sounding of the pair is just straight up fly. From there, the group are off and running.

Xrabit, who grew up in Berlin and now lives in London, makes his beats like no one else alive. He wants them to bump, he wants them to be catchy, but he also seems to want you to inhabit a brightly-lit cartoon world, which makes Trak and Coool sound like characters in a co-production between HBO and Nickolodeon.

It's a seductive combination - sometimes off-colour and raw, but brilliantly realised, never anything other than hilarious. Most of all it's new. Hello World. Come on in
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Track Listing:
1. Damaged Goods (Produced By: Xrabit)  
2. Ferris Bueller (Produced By: Xrabit)  
3. Love Of My Night (Produced By: Xrabit)  
4. Are We Friends (Produced By: Xrabit)  
5. My Stereo (Produced By: Xrabit)  
6. Trak's Promise (Produced By: Xrabit)  
7. Salt Shaker (Produced By: Xrabit)  
8. Party In My Pants (Produced By: Xrabit)  
9. Thunderkats (Produced By: Xrabit)  
10. Follow The Leader (Produced By: Xrabit)  
11. Same Ole (Produced By: Xrabit)  
12. Dirty South (Produced By: Xrabit)  
13. Cheese (Produced By: Xrabit)
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