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Wu Music Group Presents - Pollen: The Swarm Part 3, CD

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2010 release from the Wu Music Group, the third installment in The Swarm series. The Swarm Part 3 features performances by Johnny Blaze (Method Man), Bobby Digital (RZA), Ghostface Killah, Killer Priest, Remedy, and a previously unreleased Ol' Dirty Bastard track. The first two Swarm titles (The Swarm, The Sting) have sold 700,000 records to date.


Track Listing:

1. Yellow Jackets - 'Roll With Killa Bees'
2. Armel, 12 O'Clock, P Sunn, Rev Burks - 'Headline'
3. Wu-Tang Clan - 'Assed Out'
4. Ol' Dirty Bastard, YDB Boy Jones - 'Dirts The Boogie'
5. Bobby Digital, Kinetic - 'You Must Be Dreaming'
6. Johnny Blaze - 'M.E.F.'
7. Ghostface Killah, Trife, Solomon Childs - 'Smooth Sailing'
8. King Just, Nate, Y.C. - 'Get It Started'
9. Streetlife - 'Faced Down'
10. Remedy & Killah Priest - 'The Testimony'
11. Solomon Childs - 'Action'
12. Killa Bees - 'No Game Around Here'
13. Rev Burks & Rugged Monk - 'Into You'
14. Remedy & Jo Jo Pelligrino - 'Transporting'
15. Prodigal Son & Rev Burks - 'Flight of the Killa Bees'

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