Wide Hive Players - Players, CD

$ 9.99

Wide Hive Players began as live sessions in May 2009 with a collective group that spans across much of the Wide Hive Records catalog. On top of the enormously talented rhythm section of Matt Montgomery and Thomas McCree, horn players Mike Rinta, Doug Rowan, and Tim Hyland all contribute to create a sound respectful of past tradition and yet pushing towards new musical boundaries. Also significantly lending poignant soul on two compositions is renowned vocalist, Faye Carol. In many ways, this album represents a new era for Wide Hive in the completion of its first decade. The strength of this record is in its tonal clarity and compositional fortitude, as well as the communication between the players and how that is represented in the musical path.
Track Listing:
1. Push and Pull
2. Long Shot
3. Adeline
4. Mending Gravity
5. Unstoppable
6. Point Conception
7. Snitch
8. Maybe Baby
9. Always in a Jam
10. Sunset Sernon
11. Good Natured Inebriate
12. Follow My Lead

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