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Wax Poetics

Wax Poetics - Issue 31 Shuggie Otis/ MF Doom

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Wax Poetics - Issue 31 Shuggie Otis/ MF Doom re:Discovery Exuma, Paul McCartney, Adele Sebastian, China Burton, Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth For Christ Choir In Memoriam: Isaac Hayes 1942-2008, Jerry Wexler 1917-2008, Roy Shirley 1944-2008 Brooklyn Hooks The Menahan Street Band’s Melodies Find Their Way Back Home Classic Cuts J. Rocc Lets His Fingers Do the Rocking Plugged In The Electric Mickey Dread Tapped Reggae’s Unique Frequencies Power Lines Guitarist Larry Coryell Lit Up a Genre Prodigal Sun Shuggie Otis Shines Light on Dark Days Mutant Music Os Mutantes Transformed Modern Brazilian Pop Golden Rule Slick Rick Set the Standard in Rap’s Glory Years Bright Moments Grant Green Jr. Reflects on His Father’s Signature Sound Synthesizer Symphonies Disco Futurist Patrick Adams Found His Voice Through the Keys Behind the Mask A Revealing Look Into the Mind of MF Doom Special Herbs DOOM on Beats Sound Sanctuary Count Bass D Carves out a Musical Niche Disco Deconstruction Chin Chin Redefines the Dance Floor