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WAR- Emcee Dubya vs. DJs Of Mass Destruction, CD

WAR- Emcee Dubya vs. DJs Of Mass Destruction, CD

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A 28 track hip hop compilation of emcee and DJ tracks - all dealing with the issues of war and peace, and US foreign policy, in particular the 2003 war on Iraq and the leader/administration that put America there. Many of the tracks utilize Dubya samples or soundbites, mostly drawn from TV News coverage recorded during 2003.

The WAR album is dedicated to four people: Barbara Lee (a true American), Chuck D (a true hip hop revolutionary), Steinski (political cut and paste pioneer), and Edwin Starr (R.I.P) for his classic anti-WAR anthem with those timeless lyrics: "WAR! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!"


01) "Win This War and Have A Good Time" (0:16)
02) DJs Of Mass Destruction "War (If It Feels Good, Do It)" (2:16)
03) Mr. Lif "Earthcrusher" (DJ Pone RMX) (3:57)
04) "Dubya vs. Aaarnold" (0:25)
05) Public Enemy "Son of a Bush" (DJ Pone remix) (3:58)
06) Guerrilla News Network "Happy Ramadan Osama bin Laden" (1:33)
07) Steinski & Mass Media "It's up to you (War Mix) (w/ Man in the Blue bathrobe) (5:10)
08) Azeem "George Bush is a gangsta" (1:41)
09) Tino Corp feat. Ben Stokes "Dubya (Commander In Chief)" (4:11)
10) DJs Of Mass Destruction "Liberate The Children" (3:48)
11) Guerrilla News Network "War" (1:14)
12) Cat Five "American Military Operations" (DJsOMD/RMX) (3:33)
13) DJ Stoic "Land Mine" (3:12)
14) DJs of Mass Destruction "What Weapons Of Mass Destruction?" (2:01)
15) Shing02 "Since By Man Came Death" (6:29)
16) Fox News vs. Biiiaaatch (0:12)
17) 4AM "InDaClub" (5:42)
18) Boots "George Bush is a bank manager" (0:16)
19) O-Type "Blood and Sand" (3:13)
20) The Desert DJs "Fifty Miles of Baghdad" (2:24)
21) ARK "So Many People" (excerpt) (1:28)
22) Guerrilla News Network "Good Vs. Evil" (2:06)
23) DJs Of Mass Destruction "Reprise: War Is What They Got" (2:00)
24) Quiet American "Once Over" (3:22)
25) Aya de Leon "Thin Line/Stop the War" (3:22)

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