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Wale Oyejide - Africahot!, 12" Vinyl

Wale Oyejide - Africahot!, 12" Vinyl

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The third release from Nigerian-born producer and vocalist WALE OYEJIDE further binds the traditional sounds of Nigerian Afrobeat with the future vibes of the London broken-beat scene. Accompanied by background vocalists and a horn section, the deftly intertwined combination of live instrumentation and programmed rhythms serves as the perfect palette for Wale to construct his latest masterpiece. Features guest production from DAZ-I-KUE and WAAJEED (Slum Village, PPP, J-Dilla).


Side A
1. Africahot!
2. Africahot! (Waajeed & Wale remix)
3. Africahot! (Wale instrumental)

Side B
1. Cooba (Daz I Kue edit)
2. Africahot! (Waajeed & Wale instrumental)
3. Between

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