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Waajeed Presents - The War LP, 2xCD

Waajeed Presents - The War LP, 2xCD

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The high standard is set from the start, with layered beats, string snippets and horn sections straight from the Cadet Records cutting room floor. All the usual suspects appear, Invincible, Tiombe Lockhart etc, giving it a familiar feel and sound not unlike the PPP album of a couple of years ago. Slipped into the mix in the middle of the album is Proud, a nice cut up of James Browns Say It Loud and serves as a fitting way of remembering the great man and how his music was respected and used by the Hip Hop generations. A couple of beats from his good friend and fallen comrade, the late, great Jay Dee add to what is a very solid album.

Track Listing-

1. The Overtaking feat. Tiombe Lockhart
2. Bombs Away feat. TaRaach & MC Invincible
3. Anything
4. Get Live
5. Make Doe
6. Act Like You Know feat J Dilla (GOAT Remix)
7. The Dragon
8. W-A-A-J-E-E-D
9. Pick Your Poison feat Invincible
10. Dusk
11. Fire
12. Proud
13. Busta
14. LL
15. Garage Band (Produced by J Dilla)
16 O Bloody Days O Starry Nights on the Bowery feat. Tiombe Lockhart
17. Place Where We Dwell feat Invincible
18. Escape from Stinktown feat. Tiombe Lockhart
19. Tron
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