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Voice Watson - VoiceYours, CD

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Featuring guest appearances by dj-drez, luckyiam.psc, firewater, scarub, rayzor, and more!

1. Intro feat. Sam Yale
2. I feat. Firewater
3. Keep It Rockin' feat. Rayzor, Firewater, DJ Drez
4. Fever feat. Scarub, Firewater
5. Interlude feat. DJ Drez
6. Do What We Do feat. Marlon James
7. Our World feat. Dr. Oop, Firewater
8. Interlude feat. DJ Drez
9. Listen 2 Voice feat. Courtney, Bleu Collar
10. Talk To Us feat. luckyiam.PSC
11. Hustler feat. Rayzor, Castro, DJ Drez
12. We Restless feat. 2mex, Knows, Firewater, DJ Drez
13. Interlude feat. Rayzor
14. Issue feat. Cypha7

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