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Visionaries - Galleries, CD

Visionaries - Galleries, CD

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After the introduction to the world on KeyKool & Rhettmatics Kozmonautz, followed by the success of their first 12 inch limited edition white label of Here to Stay b/w Say Where, the Visionaries step forward with a 20 song debut album Galleries. Although recorded in 1997, financial complications delayed the release of the full length album until fall of 1998. In the meantime, Visionaries released 4 singles doing various shows in the Los Angeles underground, and touring Japan, gradually accumulating a strong following while at the same time, honing their stage performances. As momentum built, and Galleries was finally released, Visionaries had climbed to become an underground favorite.

Galleries contains such gems as the undisputable Blessings produced by JRocc of the World Famous Beat Junkies; the ingenious Audible Angels produced by Evidence of Dilated Peoples in which 2Mex alliterates from A-Z; and the b-boy/b-girl anthem Love (hip-hop) produced by KeyKool; the DJ Rhettmatic all turntable produced Rockin the Sureshot; and Stargazer the unconventionally timeless piece. The cryptic Rob No One is a collaboration with LA hip-hop legend, and good friend to the Visionaries, DJ/Graff Writer Rob One, recorded years before his untimely passing.

Galleries captures the raw chemistry, heart and love for humanity possessed by the Visionaries, and hints towards the great potential this musical family will grow to become.

The Gallery (Duction)
Audible Angels
Time Is Running Out
Rejoice And Praise
Love (Hip-Hop)
Pope Mobile
Here To Stay
Say Where
Rob No One
Rockin' The Sure Shot (Rhettmatic Meets Nutty McGillicutty)
Couch Potato
Bottom of the Barrel / Live Life (1 Or The Other)
Come On
Lair of the Live Ones
Hands In The Sky
Blessings (Bonus Track)
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