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Verbal Kent - What Box, CD

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What Box is the debut solo album from Verbal Kent, the lead MC of the Chicago-based hiphop band Organic Mind Unit. Featuring production by The Opus and cameos by Wordsworth and Iomos Marad.


1    Intro    
2    First    
3    The People's Rapper    
4    Tomatoes And Glocks    
5    Alley Rap feat Rusty Chains, Wordsworth    
6    The Remix    
7    Spit To Kill 1    
8    Big Buildings feat Qwazaar, Willis Drummond scratches Presyce    
9    Power    
10    The City feat Iomos Marad, Willis Drummond II
11    Spit To Kill 2 feat Matlock
12    Combat feat One Many Army scratches Presyce
13    Alien Rock    
14    The Zone feat Rusty Chains
15    Spit To Kill 3    
16    Get A Job feat Altruisms*, Rusty Chains, Willis Drummond scratches Presyce