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Various Blends

Various Blends - Levitude, 2xLP Vinyl

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Track Listing:
A1   Bumpin' Blendz
    Scratches - DJ Serg 
A2   Levitude
    Scratches - Gamma Ray (3) , King One 
A3   Krazee Madeo Stylez
    Scratches - DJ Apollo (2) 
B1   To The Gut
    Scratches - DJ Serg , DJ Syra 
B2   My Favorite Mistake
    Rap [Featuring] - Rashinel , Saafir
  Scratches - DJ Serg 
B3   Funny Styles
B4   Pick A Chemical
    Scratches - DJ Apollo (2) 
C1   Even More Even
    Rap [Featuring] - Pismo
  Scratches - Pam The Funkstress 
C2   Re:Chill
    Rap [Featuring] - Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
  Scratches - Gamma Ray (3) , King One 
C3   Dat'z Heet
    Scratches - DJ Flare 
D1   You & Your Crew
    Rap [Featuring] - Mystik Journeymen 
D2   Born 2 Blow Up
D3   VB's In The House

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