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VARIABLE UNIT - MAYHEM MYSTICS Outbreaks, CD (FREE Poster w/ Purchase)

VARIABLE UNIT - MAYHEM MYSTICS Outbreaks, CD (FREE Poster w/ Purchase)

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Free poster with purchase while supplies last.

In this, his sixth production for VU, producer and artist Gregory Howe (dissent) has again brought together many independently recognized artists to form a solid continuance from prior VU recordings, and to build a bridge toward a future cohesive Unit.

On 'Outbreaks', well known rap artists Azeem and Bay Area turntablist DJ Zeph are reunited for a fourth time on Wide Hive Records, and they continue to deliver on their streetwise credentials, which began with their #1 CMJ hit "Rubber and Glue" (DJ Zeph, 2001).

DJ Quest, known as a pioneer of the turntable, has created many recordings with The Bulletproof Space Travelers (Bomb Hip-Hop), Live Human (Matador Records) and many more on his own. Keyboardist, Jacob Elijah Aginsky has recorded with Blackalicious and performed with nationally known acts such as Vivindo De Pao, Mingus Amungus, and Medeski, Martin, and Wood.

Track Listing:

1. Something Is Happening
2. Camouflage Prison
3. Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice
4. Plutonian Plutarchy
5. Black Gold (Lyrics)8. Contradiction
9. Spring Break
10. Liberation 2
11. Trust Me
12. Outroduction
13. Theme In Search Of Joe Frank
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