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Big Dada

V/A - Well Deep: Ten Years Of Big Dada Recordings, 2xCD

V/A - Well Deep: Ten Years Of Big Dada Recordings, 2xCD

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Big Dada, home of some of the most maverick, forward-thinking and innovative artists in hip hop and beyond, has just hit double figures. To celebrate, the label offers Well Deep- not so much a best of as an overview of the labels history and philosophy, available on double CD (and later, DVD). While underground hip hop has become shorthand for a kind of nostalgic belief in real hip hop and dusty samples, Big Dada continues to evolve. Will Ashon, who founded the label along with Ninja Tune head Peter Quicke, maintains that Big Dada has stayed true to its founding principles, offering a home for musical misfits and pioneers more interested in producing something worthwhile than necessarily having a hit: I always thought the basic principle of hip hop was to keep moving, to be constantly trying something new. To be fresher than everyone else! Certainly, few labels operate with such a broad-church policy to rap-based music, both in terms of style and geography. Hip Hop has saturated the breadth of popular music and culture, Ashon argues. There cant be any rules about whats acceptable or authentic other than whether it moves and excites you. Thats all weve every tried to do.

Track Listing:

1. Disc 1: -
2. Roots Manuva - 'Movements'
3. Ty - 'The Tale (Radio Edit)'
4. Infesticons - 'Night Night Theme'
5. Roots Manuva - 'Colossal Insight'
6. cLOUDDEAD - 'Dead Dogs Two (Boards Of Canada Mix)'
7. New Flesh - 'Wherever We Go'
8. Ty - 'Wait A Minute'
9. Majesticons - 'Fader Party'
10. Lotek HiFi - 'Percolator'
11. TTC - 'Dans Le Club'
12. Roots Manuva - 'Witness (1 Hope)'
13. Diplo - 'Diplo Rhythm'
14. Spank Rock - 'Sweet Talk'
15. Wiley - 'My Mistakes (XXXChange Mix)'
16. Part 2 - 'Hard Times'
17. Disc 2:
18. Wiley - '50/50'
19. New Flesh - 'Stick & Move'
20. Infinite Livez - 'Worcestershire Sauce'
21. NMS - 'Super Pretzel'
22. Infesticons - 'Monkey Theme'
23. Gamma - 'Slang Teacher'
24. Diplo - 'Now's The Time'
25. Busdriver - 'Supply & Demand'
26. King Geedorah feat. MF Doom, Mr. Fantastik - 'Anti-Matter'
27. Look 4 Me feat. Breis, Eska Mtungwazi
28. Shadowless - 'Killer Apps'
29. Bigg Jus - 'Kingspitter'
30. Busdriver - 'Black Astronaut'
31. Lotek HiFi - 'Can't Believe'
32. cLOUDDEAD - 'Physics Of A Bicycle'
33. Ty - 'Closer'
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