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Stones Throw

V/A - The Third Unheard, Connecticut Hip Hop 1979-1983 Instrumentals, 2xLP Vinyl

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"The Third Unheard" compilation is bringing obscurities to the hip hop consciousness like only Stones Throw can. Now the lauded old school rarities unearthed on the album can be heard in instrumental form. I know the word is buried, but the album is pretty def. DJs don't sleep..."

Track Listing:

1 Mr. Magic--Rappin With Mr. Magic
2 Pookey Blow--Get Up (and go to school)
3 Rappermatical 5--Party People (Remix)
4 The Outlaw Four--Million Dollar Legs
5 Mr. Magic--Potential 1980
6 The Chillie 3 MCs--Shake Your Boody
7 The L.O.D. Crew
8 Mr. Magic & Positive Choice Band--2001 Kazoos
9 Willie Brown & Woodie--Ventriloquist Rap

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