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Hip Hop Slam

V/A - Global Turntables, CD

V/A - Global Turntables, CD

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"Capturing the ever growing worldwide musical movement of turntablism this twenty track collection features DJs from ten skratch nations including new recordings from the X-ecutioners Rob Swift, reigning Canadian DMC/Vestax champ Dopey along with his crew the Turntable Monks, Italys leading DJ crew Alien Army, and Koreas top turntablist DJ Wreckx. As well as these and all the other new tracks from DJs out of Ireland, Holland, England, New Zealand, Norway, and the USA are the two bonus tracks: an instrumental version of Rob Swifts Enter The Ablist and Double Dee & Steinskis long-out-of-print, 1985 classic Lesson 3 (The History of Hip Hop) which was digitally remastered for this release by Double Dee. Also included is Grand Wizard Theodore, creator of the scratch, who reminisces on his highly influential invention in the spoken-word opening track. The CDs information packed liner notes (reprinted below) include bio & contact data on all the compilations artists." - Hip Hop Slam


Track Listing:

1) Grand Wizard Theodore Birth of the Skratch (spoken word Intro) (:50)
2) DJ Graft Ya Know The Name.(Skratching) (Norway) (2:50)
3) Rob Swift Enter The Ablist (2:40) (USA)
4) DJ Raw NZ Connection (2:37) (New Zealand)
5) Alien Army Snuff Music, 4 Movements (Italy) (6:20)
6) DJ Yoda Yodas Theme (England) (:50)
7) DJ Knowledge & DJ Cold Crush Do what you do best(Holland) (3:28)
8) 89 Skratch Gangstaz Extra Credit (Lesson 3 Remix) (4:57) (USA)
9) DJ Wreckx Honest DJ (Korea) (3:14)
10) Turntable Monks (feat. Dopey) Enter The Shaolin Monks (Canada) (4:04)
11)Troubled Soul In A World Of Trouble (Ireland) (2:46)
12) DJ Bonez A Different Drummer (Australia) (3:40)
13) DJ Shortfuse Chainsaw Masochist (Canada)
14) DJ Sniper Theme of the Rookie (Netherlands) (3:56)
15) DJ Yoda Yodas One Man Band (UK) (:50)
16) DJ Marvel Fastest DJ Pt. II (England) (3:30)
17) Power FM Dublin Laz-E, Tu Ki, Davy Splyce (Ireland) (0:57)
18) Tino Corp vs. DJ Inesha Fresh Mambo (Cuba, USA & ITALY)

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