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V/A - Farewell Fondle Em, CD

V/A - Farewell Fondle Em, CD

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This is a compilation collecting material from the now defunct Fondle 'Em record label. Some tracks are freestyles taken from the Stretch and Bobbito radio show in New York, while others are released and un-released sessions.




    1. "Kool Keith Freestyle (Interlude) [Live]"






    1. "Kick A Dope Verse"







    1. "I'm Gonna Kill You"



        • Performed by Juggaknotz




    1. "Cage Freestyle (Interlude) [Live]"






    1. "El-P & J-Treds Freestyle (Interlude) [Live]"



        • Performed by El-P, J-Treds




    1. "The Arsonists Freestyle (Interlude) [Live]"






    1. "The Session"



        • Performed by The Arsonists


        • Contains a sample of "Impeach The President" performed by Honey Drippers




    1. "Flossin'"



        • Performed by Y@k Ballz




    1. "Dead Bent [Original 12" Version]"




        • Contains a sample of "Walk On By" performed by Isaac Hayes




    1. "Turn Up The Fucking Bass [Live]"



        • Performed by Lord Sear


        • Featuring Bobbito




    1. "Alcoholic Vibes"



        • Performed by Lord Sear


        • Contains a sample of "Vibes From The Tribe" performed by Phil Ranelin




    1. "Scars And Memories"




        • Contains a sample of "Jennifer" performed by Jimmy Ponder




    1. "World Premiere"



        • Performed by MHz





    1. "Powers Of Nine Ether (Distorted Views Of Life)"



        • Performed by Scienz of Life




    1. "Widespread"



        • Performed by Jakki Da Motamouth





    1. "Blaze The Breaks"



        • Performed by Cashless Society


        • Featuring Black Intellect, Snazz D, X-Amount




    1. "Beat You In The Head"



        • Performed by Binkis


        • Featuring Jax, Flux




    1. "Fondle 'Em Fossils"



        • Performed by Breezly Brewin, DJ Eli, Godfather Don, J-Treds, MF Doom, Q-Unique




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