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V/A - Definition Of Ill, Mix CD

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Copasetik Recordings presents Definition Of Ill Mix CD, mixed by Apollo of San Francisco's Triple Threat DJs.


Disc 1
1. The Unassisted Remix By Roc Raida & Bob Swat Of The Executioners
2. Run The Line Remix By Mark 45 King
3. Turn Around Remix By Kutmasta Kurt
4. I Run Rap
5. Definition Of Ill
6. What's That?
7. Partnas Confused
8. Ya Heard Me
9. Competition Gets None
10. Who Thinks The Style Is Fresh

Disc 2
1. Who Thinks The Style Is Fresh
2. Blood Brothaz
3. Hold Up
4. Sophisticated Mic Pros
5. Whats That
6. Competition Gets None
7. Definition Of Ill
8. Partnas Confused
9. No Chorus
10. The Unassisted Original Remix/RocRaida & Rob Swift Max/Vin Roc Mix Combined

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