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Urban Renewal Program Supplement 1.5, CD

$ 10.00 USD

Contains some bangin remixes from the Urban Renewal album. Includes the Kutmasta Kurt remix to Mos Def & Diverse's "Wylin Out," Atmosphere's "Fear," Aesop Rock's Mix of his own "Train Buffer," and more! We is really diggin' this CD... You wont be dissapointed!

Prefuse 73 - Intro
Mos Def & Diverse - Wylin Out (Kutmasta Kurt Mix)
Aesop Rock - Train Buffer (Aesop Rock Mix)
Atmosphere - Fear
Diverse - Blindman (Low Budget Mix)
Caural - Photograph
Prefuse 73 - Interlude
The Timeout Drawer - Broad Grins From The Boarding Ramp