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Ultra X: Taste Of X, CD

Ultra X: Taste Of X, CD

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Ultra X - Taste the X is a collective of MC's from the 5 boroughs of New York produced by super-producer Sapone aka The Moleman. With over 30 quality New York MC's spittin' rhymes over Sapone's fresh production, songs from Taste the X are bound to be heard on the radio, in the clubs and throughout the streets.

Tracklisting for CD:
1. I Want It - Big Trip
2. Games Cold - Kliff & Lo
3. What We Do - Dove, Don P
4. She - Ancient Coins
5. Where U At - Lordroc, Royal Flush, Jnyce
6. This One - Corleone, Jnyce, Big Trip, Tony Castro, CJ
7. Skit
8. Gangsta Baby - Midnight Blue, Royal Flush, Kandice Kane a.k.a. Vendetta
9. Movin - AK
10. Raised Up Sinnin - Kliff & Lo
11. Skit
12. Day In The Life - DVS and Kandice Kane a.k.a. Vendetta
13. Break Em - Street Legacy (Marc May, P.S., Massyah, Live One, Schultz,
14. We Roll We Ride - Ill-Lia, Big Trip, Dove, Johnny Blanco
15. Crime Pays - 135, A Dot B, DVS
16. Gonna Be Good - Kna-Lo, Marc May
17. Change - Massyah, Don P
18. Jealousy - Glasha, Dove
19. War - Midnight Blue, Al Ferguson, Starchild

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