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Truth & Soul

Tyrone Ashley & Funky Music Machine - Let Me Be Your Man, LP Vinyl

Tyrone Ashley & Funky Music Machine - Let Me Be Your Man, LP Vinyl

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Its safe to say funky water must have been running through the city pipes of Plainfield, NJ back in the day. How else to explain the plethora of musical talent that grimed its way out of the ghetto, sticking itself all over the world, and in the case of one Mothership-birthed funkadelic revolution, all over the stratosphere. But, as with all shooting stars before they explode, these eventual Rock n Roll Hall-of-Famers were once just local yokels competing for some love. And their main competitors from get go was one man who knew how to sing a note, craft a tune and steer a studio:Sammy Campbell a.k.a Tyrone Ashley

Truth and Soul has dug up and polished a slice of history that is finally available for your listening pleasure. Culled from master tapes and that survived a house fire in the late seventies and then shelved in Mr. Campbells home studio for close to thirty-five years, these twelve songs is a look at the raw soul and genius of a man who never stopped making music from the heart. Truth & Soul is proud to present a definitive collection of music from the one and only Sammy Campbell. Enjoy...
Track Listing:
01) Come On Home 
02) Just A Little While Longer 
03) I Can't Help Myself 
04) For Your Love 
05) Let Me Be Your Man 
06) Sing A Song Sister 
07) Can't Stay Away 
08) Love Sweet Love 
09) Gotta Clean Up The World pt.1
10) Gotta Clean Up The World pt.2 
11) I Want My Baby Back 
12) Does Frankie Ever Call My Name
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