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Tre Hardson - Slimkid3's Cafe, CD

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Tre Hardson, a South Central Los Angeles native, has re-emerged onto the hip-hop scene with a new album, "Slimkid3's Cafe", and a diverse musical soundscape that is jazzy, soulful, melodic and very sexy. Formerly Slimkid3 of the legendary L.A. hip hop group, The Pharcyde, Hardson is exploring the boundaries of conscious hip-hop as a solo artist, replacing the standard industry format of drum machines and sampled beats with live instrumentation. Track Listing: 01 Ice Cream Dreams 02 Knockin' 03 Stepping Stones 04 You're Mine 05 When You Love Someone 06 Champagne Wishes 07 Doreen 08 Can't Believe 09 Interlude Shep the Hip Hop Mom 10 Where Do You Want it 11 It's like this 10 Interlude Rollin' with Roland 11 Dirty Minds 12 Interlude Thanks to the Ancestors 13 Sin