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Toy2R - MutaFuckaz Qee Series (Blind Assortment)

$ 10.00 USD
Qee, which comes from "key", is the word we use for the collection of original designer toys created by Toy2R (Hong Kong). As well as being collectors items treasured by Toy enthusiasts around the world, the Qee figurines are above all used for carrying your keys around...
The Qee is to the figurine designer what the wall is to the graffiti artist: an essential means of expression! Numerous artists have added their personal touch to the design, Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, Coop, Kozik, Touma, Mad Barbarian and even Matt Groening... Even the major corporations are involved in the release of the latest Toy2R. Adidas, Benetton, BMW, Christian Lacroix, MTV, Nokia, Starbucks Coffee, Swatch, Xbox 360 all have their own personalised Qee!
Sizing: Approximately 2.5"
Note: This item is blind assortment, which means when you order this item from our website, a style will be selected at random. There are no returns on any blind assorted items. Each item comes sealed in its own collectible box.