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tokidoki - Royal Pride Vinyl Toy Collectibles (Blind Assortment)

tokidoki - Royal Pride Vinyl Toy Collectibles (Blind Assortment)

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The law of the urban jungle has no room for the weak. Lion Papa’s gang, Royal Pride, gets wild and rough to protect their turf. Brute force and jungle instinct make Royal Pride the kings of the urban jungle, and everyone will definitely want to be part of their crew! There are 13 different collectible characters.


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The Golden Buck: There will be 100 golden bucks randomly hidden in Royal Pride boxes, and anyone lucky enough to come across one will be able to redeem it for a very limited edition golden John Bronson, arguably the coolest member of the Royal Pride gang.

Characters: Brunello, Hercolino, Blue Terror, Buck, Stitch, Paris, Agent Meow, Hunter, Maya, Lion Papa, Savana, Siberia, and John Bronson.

Blue Terror (Chase)
John Bronson (Super Rare Chase)

These are 3" tall Blind Boxed Collectables There are NO EXCHANGES and NO RETURNS on Blind Boxed items.
Add 16 to the quantity to purchase an entire flat of Royal Pride Blind Boxes.
Made for ages 16 and up

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