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Thee Headcoats - Elementary Headcoats Singles 1990-1999, 3xLP Vinyl

Thee Headcoats - Elementary Headcoats Singles 1990-1999, 3xLP Vinyl

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Elementary Headcoats The Singles 1990-1999, 3xLP.

Retrospective compilations of singles released by Elementary Headcoats throughout the 1990’s. Billy Childish (guitar, vocals), Bruce Brand (drums), and Johnny Johnson (bass) make up one of the greatest bands. 3xLP packaged in gatefold jackets.


A1     Troubled Times                 2:24
A2     The Earl Of Suave             1:57
A3     Headcoats On                 3:08
A4     Be A Sect Maniac
    Written-By – Evans*, O'Donnell*     2:11
A5     (I Don't Like) The Man I Am         2:02
A6     She's Got A Strange Attractor         4:27
A7     Shouldn't Happen To A Dog         2:07
A8     Neither Fish Nor Fowl             2:37
B1     Girl From '62                 1:46
B2     Someone Like Me             2:11
B3     Something Went Wrong Again         2:33
B4     My Dear Watson                 3:03
B5     Hog's Jaw                 2:48
B6     I Can Destroy All Your Love         2:08
B7     Fat Back Written-By – F.L. Wray Snr.*     2:24
B8     Louie Riel                 2:51
B9     Don't Try & Tell Me             2:31
C1     Paedophile                 3:05
C2     Headcoat Lane                 3:10
C3     Comanche Written-By – F.L. Wray Snr.*    1:41
C4     Every Bit Of Me             2:29
C5     Never To Love Again             1:57
C6     (We Hate The Fuckin') NME         3:34
C7     Help Written-By – Lennon-McCartney     3:23
C8     Thoughts Of A Hangman             2:35
C9     Now Is Not The Best Time         2:20
D1     Every Little Thing             1:30
D2     Tub's Twist Written-By – Johnson*     2:41
D3     Sad Sack Written-By – McDaniel*        2:20
D4     Action Time Vision
    Written-By – Fergusson*, Perry*        2:43
D5     I'm A Confused Man             1:45
D6     Now Your Hunger's Gonna Be A-Coming     2:01
D7     Louie Louie Written-By – Richard Berry    3:03
D8     Louie Louie (Where Did She Roam)     2:54
E1     When You Stop Loving Me         3:13
E2     Papa Doc                 2:39
E3     No One Written-By – Fitzgerald*        2:41
E4     The Gun In My Father's Hand         3:03
E5     The Day I Beat My Father Up         2:08
E6     A-Z Of Your Heart             3:20
E7     Shadow Written-By – Plain*, Stride*    2:49
E8     No Escape
    Written-By – Savage*, Lawrence*, Saxon*    2:30
F1     Thief                     3:06
F2     She's In Disguise             2:15
F3     The Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand     2:35
F4     I've Been Fuckin' Your Daughters
    And Pissing On Your Lawns         1:40
F5     Organic Footprints             1:31
F6     Clarabella Written-By – Pingatore*    1:56
F7     I'm Hurting                 2:13
F8     Art Or Arse?                 1:22


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