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The Procussions - 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents, CD

$ 10.00 USD $ 14.97 USD

Members Mr. J Medeiros, Rez and Stro lay down a prime example of The Procussions sound - a message delivered to knock down musical stereotypes, and a strong conviction to be 100% themselves.

Track Listing:
01 Opening Meditation
02 Shabach
03 Anybody
04 Simple Song ft. DJ Vajra
05 Fight Here ft Afrobots, DJ Vajra, and Ahmad of 4th Avenue Jones
06 Miss January ft Talib Kweli
07 The Storm
08 Rain Dance
09 I'll Fly ft Tara Ellis
10 Track 10
11 Little People
12 Carousel
13 For the Camera
14 Vader March
15 Jiminy Cricket
16 American Fado ft Renee Altson
17 Mars

* Enchanced CD includes "The Storm" music video

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