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All Natural Inc

The Primeridian - Da All Nighta, CD

The Primeridian - Da All Nighta, CD

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The Primeridian has established a strong following in Chicago and surrounding areas with their conscious and passion-enriched music. The release of their first album Meet You In Greenwhich, led to The Primeridian being featured on a number of compilations that included the likes of Chuck D, Mos Def, Afu-Ra and Common. So, naturally, the emcee combination of Tree & V merged with Chicago-based recording label All Natural, Inc., to release their first full-scale commercial release album Da All Nighta. Without surrendering to the average rap quo, The Primeridian standout on Da All Nighta with stylish, yet positive lyrics on songs like Floatin and Wisdom. With most of the production on the album being handled by The Primeridan, they take the opportunity to enhance personally designed tracks with live instrumentation in order to manage a sound and essence thats reminiscent of hip hop beats of past. Involving warm bass lines, and soulful drums with comprehensive concepts from song to song, Da All Nighta features additional production by Kenny Keys on From the Go and Off the Track, which also features a cameo from J.Sands of Lone Catalysts. Stoney Rock rounds out the sound and theme of Da All Nighta with highly noticeable production, giving The Primeridian an obvious comfortable feeling with peaceful musical compositions.

Track Listing:

01 Close the Door
02 Floatin'
03 Smoke Signals
04 Trumpets of Zion
05 Yeah, yeah we know
06 When we first kissed
07 Pose to do
08 Tatuduhendi (boogie man)
09 Broken Wings
10 Social Studies Pt. Two
11 Off tha Track
12 Brain Power
13 Midwest Grit
14 Our Life's Passion (ooo-lala)
15 Wisdom (reprise)
16 Melody
17 From the Go
18 Shoutro
19 Tatuduhendi (reprise)
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