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The Opus

THE OPUS - Blending Density, CD

THE OPUS - Blending Density, CD

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Now that you've received your breathing lessons, the OPUS follows up with the 24 track mix titled Blending Density. This musical journey gives you a peek into the past, present, and future. Blending Density contains classic tracks like Acid, collaborations with the world famous DJ Krush and Meat Beat Manifesto, plus new and exclusive material which provides a glimpse into the future of the OPUS. So sit back and let the OPUS take you on an audio excursion with the first of a three part series entirely mixed and produced by the OPUS.


1     Underearth         
2     Eons         
3     A Peace Of Time         
4     Last Attack         
5     Symbiotic         
6     Supreme Navigation         
7     Live (Remix)
8     Wake The Dead (Original Mix)         
9     As The World Passes         
10     Cycles Pt.4 Facets         
11     Life's Endless Cycles         
12     Luna Landing (Ecliptic Mix)         
13     Vertigo
14     The Addiction         
15     Enlightened         
16     Rubberoom –     Acid (Instrumental)
17     DJ Krush –     Tri-He-Dron
18     Opus, The –     Skywalker         
19     Opus, The –     Audio MEZ         
20     Meat Beat Manifesto –     I Got The Fear (The Opus Remix)
21     Opus, The –     Slits / Servive (Rebuilt)         
22     Sonic Sum –     Films (The Opus Remix)
23     Rubberoom –     Sector Rush (Rebuilt) Instrumental
24     Opus, The –     The Last Dance

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