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Industry Records

The Jackal EP Feat. Wildchild, LP Vinyl

$ 10.00 USD

Industry Records is proud to announce the release of the new Jackal EP (featuring Wildchild of the Lootpack). The EP contains Eight new selections with tracks produced by Madlib, Oh No, Kankick, and Wildchild himself! The EP also features vocal features by Oh No, Dudley Perkins (Declaime), and Medaphoar.

1. Introduction Produced by Kankick
2. Heart Surgery Produced by Wildchild
3. Vinyl Talk Feat. Oh No
4. The Jackal Produced by Madlib
5. Fallen Soldiers Produced by Madlib
6. All Night Feat Medaphor, Dudley Perkins, and Oh No
7. Vinyl Talk Instrumental Produced by Madlib
8. The Jackal Instrumental