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The Herbaliser feat Jean Grae - Generals, 12" Vinyl

The Herbaliser feat Jean Grae - Generals, 12" Vinyl

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Imagine, if you please, a crack unit of army drop-outs, institutionalised, dislocated from their surroundings and generally fucked in the head, and then let out on day release to devastate a city near you. That, my friends, is the Generals, a full-rhymer tag team who make up foir what they lack in sanity with pure chops.

The mastermind behind this explosion of dysfunctional rhyme armament? It was long-time Herbaliser collaborator Jean Grae who decided to bust out a group of frontline MC soldiers from right across the USA and bring them together to cause mayhem. Brooklyn, Boston, Atlanta, Harlem and the Bronx never before has such a team of misfits been featured together on one record

Track Listing:

01 Generals (Album version)
02 Generals (Radio version)

03 Generals (Instr. version)
04 Generals (Accapella)
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