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The Formula Project - Concrete Competition, CD

The Formula Project - Concrete Competition, CD

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In August 2005, a new band called The Formula Project debuted when its breakout song "The Choice (Go Hard Or Go Home) first appeared on ESPN's programming of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA).

Four years later, the band has truly made its mark as the musical voice of professional drag racing. The brainchild of band-creator and music producer Rich Bennett, aka Switch, The Formula Project has continued to forge new directions musically both in the world of drag racing, as well as outside.

The bands music has continued to be embraced regularly by ESPN as well as in the Playstation 2 game for the NHRA, which features the groups music. 

In August 2006 the band released its first EP/CD, which has been a huge success. In August of 2007, Switch wrote and recorded "Ride Like The Wind" in memory of a fallen driver. The success of the single raised proceeds for various charities, and provided inspiration for the fans and drivers. 

The Formula Project's new album, its first LP/CD titled "Concrete Competition," delivers the energy and power that is synonymous with professional drag racing. Switch wrote all the music and lyrics on the album, which captures the essence of a sport that has been in his blood since childhood.

The album is certain to connect with the bands loyal fans, and looks to gain new fans that surely will connect with the intensity that this music brings. The Formula Project, "No Limits, No Boundaries."
Track Listing:
1. Concrete Competition
2. Full Throttle
3. All For The Team
4. Supercharged
5. Holeshot
6. The Stage
7. I Wanta Race
8. Nail The Tree
9. Fast Forward
10. Burn It Out
11. We Remember (In Tribute)
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