The Exciters - Caviar And Chitlins LP Vinyl

$ 20.99

Caviar And Chitlins is available for the first time in decades courtesy of Nature Sounds. The Exciters originally formed in the 1960's and consisted of Herb Rooney, Brenda Reid, Carolyn Johnson and Lilian Walker.   They rose to fame with the 1962 hit "Tell Him" and continued their soulful reign with the 1969 RCA album "Caviar And Chitlins". 

Track Listing:

1. Blowing Up My Mind

2. Give It All

3. Fight That Feelin'

4. Always

5. You Don't Know What You're Missing (Til It's Gone!)

6. I Don't Have To Worry (No More)

7. You Got Me

8. Movin' Too Slow

9. If I Could See Until Tomorrow

10. A Year Ago

11. Turn Me On


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