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The Cuf Presents Deep Fried Funk Brothers, CD

$ 12.00 USD

A brand new album from the DEEP FRIED FUNK BROTHERS--emcee PETE THE CUF, producer N8 THE GR8, and turntablist MAD G. Fifteen bomb-dropping tracks of hip hop groove magic, featuring guest spots from MURS and CRUSH.

track Listing:
2. Chicken Taste Like Wood
3. The Party
4. Been Through It
5. Ignorant
6. Nice
7. Jam It On the One
8. Won't Stop
9. We Do It
10. The Rest Are Doo-Doo
11. Side of Potatoes
12. Get Your Rhyme On
13. Where We Are
14. Sound of the Beat
15. Deep Fried Funk Brother Theme Music

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