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Tajai - Power Movement, 2xLP Vinyl

Tajai - Power Movement, 2xLP Vinyl

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Tajai drops his first solo album, Power Movement. This project is a collection of hard-hitting beats and thought-provoking rhymes aimed to get people off of their asses and into the movement. Tajai is motivated in the true spirit of Hip Hop, and intends to give fans music they can appreciate. I bring a balance, explains Tajai. In saying that I mean that I am trying to represent the true concept of the B-Boy, not just a caricature of one emotion or image that I portray through my music - but the full spectrum of any Hip Hopper in this current day and age. I am a human being, a Black man, an emcee, a father, a wild dude - one who loves the children but brings an adult perspective."

Right now both "Do It" and "The Dum Dum" are available to you on his page at

1. Introducing
2. Raindance
3. Who Got It?
4. Do Not Touch (feat Pep Love)
5. Scientific Method
6. Do It!
7. The Dum Dum (feat Shakethemayor)
8. Power Movement
9. Quality Equality
10. Raunch, Rouge, Skank
11. Multiple Choice
12. Fashion Fetish (feat A-plus & Casual)
13. Let's Live
14. Dedication (feat Goapele)
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