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Sunspot Jonz - Galaxy of Dreams, CD

Sunspot Jonz - Galaxy of Dreams, CD

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Brand new from Sunspot! The Living Legends member has kept busy over the last few years, releasing an album or more, every year. After a Mystik Journeymen comeback and the experimental Temper Twins from last year, Galaxy finds Sunspot back in his comfort zone, back to his old tricks, as this is the first part in a two part Galaxy of Dreams (G.O.D.) series. There's a bit of the new Sunspot in here, the old BFAP, and a revolution of the mind through music as he searches for answers beyond our world. Sunspot has always been veryinsightful and he opens up when he wants to... so this one is for the fans as always. To understand where he is coming from on Galaxy here are some select excerpts from his introduction on the CD insert: "I WILL NOT STOP! It is time for us all to not just "want" the revolution, but actually "BE" the revolution and put your hands up and change this crazy fucked up world." "Remember, every fucking thing starts with you and how you deal and treat people around you. We spend so much time bumping the beat and battling with ourselves that we forget what the true goal of life is. Love!." He goes on to say that a number of people made the beats for the album in addition to his own and that it helped him to become more focused on his lyrics this time around, rather than worrying about perfecting the beats. Guest producers include Boac, Nima Fadavi (Rise of the Revolution), Mr. Nemo, Machete Vox and more.

please note: we received these directly from Sunspot without shrinkwrap. they are in new condition.

Track Listing:

1.    Change in the Sky
2.    Elevation
3.    Return of Animalface
4.    G.O.D. (feat. The Light)
5.    Spacewalk
6.    Frogdance
7.    I Am the Revolution
8.    Bump the Beat
9.    Suspended Animation
10.    Equinox (feat. Pigeon John)
11.    Skywalker C
12.    Lost Survivors (feat. Abstract Rude)
13.    Gumball Stew
14.    Oldsmobile Seats
15.    Skyskrapers and Frank Wayne
16.    Lightyearz in a Jar
17.    Like a Phantom - The Fake Jimmy Swaggert Theme
18.    Gateway to the Next Galaxy

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