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Sunspot Jonz - Fight-Destroy-Rock (Autographed), CD

Sunspot Jonz - Fight-Destroy-Rock (Autographed), CD

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Each CD comes signed by Sunspot Jonz.

"This is that raw underground shit! It's that "straight out the house" mix like old four track songs in the early UHB days. Who knows about "Unsigned and Hella Broke"!! Like back in the day when I would be at the outhouse and would mix songs down on my lil tv speakers and then hit the block slanging out the box. That was that real underground shit!! Where you take the bus to some place and ya broke and have to sell ya albums or you had no money to get back home-or even eat lunch. It sucked if it went bad sometimes but Fuck a 9-5! It was all about creating a grind and making that shit pop! That was that really "really"-ya know! On this project I used a fucked up microphone, my mpc, the 1680, and my janky ass protools that kept breaking sometimes for months (thats why I had to revert to the 1680) but still I made some great songs through it all. That true hip hop!! I wanted to bring back that old school underground passion that can't always be recaptured in a big studio but always shows up in a smaller home studio. Like the "Sunnyside Halfway House" in LA , California which always has a host of characters coming through its doors with blunts and bottles in their hands. So strap in and get ready for the ride -- now sometimes the sound is gonna jump up, overdubbs are too low too loud, people making noise walking in with bottles of alcohol whatever -- you never know. That's that raw shit!! KEEP THE UNDERGROUND ALIVE !! SPEAK FROM THE HEART OR DIE!!" - Sunspot Jonz


Track Listing:

1. Intro 
2. Stupid Muthafuckas 
3. Feeln Like Me (feat. Himself / Myka 9 (Mikah 9) / DWP / Z-Man) 
4. Homie Dance 
5. Start (feat. Moka Only) 
6. Live and Shine 
7. Badadadadah 
8. Stereo Bible 
9. Word Song 
10. Xhale and Smoke Disappears 
11. It's My Year (feat. Z-Man / Equipto / White Mike) 
13. Dah-Dah-Dah (feat. Kwanz (Bored Stiff)) 
14. Beautiful 
15. Food For Your Brain (Barefoot Contessa) 
16. Revolution Soul 
17. The Wall 
18. The Way You Do Your Dit (feat. Luckyiam (PSC)) 
19. Bomber 
20. Folkz (Is That What Love) 
21. Peace-Fights (feat. Moka Only) 
22. Who Owns U 
23. Pirates Lullaby 
24. Words from Spot 
25. Coco Willie

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