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Stones Throw

Stezo - Piece Of The Pie, 12" Vinyl

Stezo - Piece Of The Pie, 12" Vinyl

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Stezo dropped one of the most slept-on albums in hip hop history with "Crazy Noize." Stones Throw (who else?) somehow got their hands on some unreleased material recorded in 1989 and 1990 by Stezo and Dooley-O. Making his name first as a dancer for EPMD, Stezo disses Erick and Parrish and their slobberin-all-over-the-mic style on "Piece of the Pie," with Dooley O peppering a diced classic drum break with bits of "Nautilus." More magic appears on the flip in the form of "Gangsta Groove." If you are into the late-eighties, early-nineties sound, you need this record. Pay attention, cause it's Stezo's turn again.

Track Listing:

Side A
1. Piece of the Pie
2. Piece of the Pie (Inst.)
3. Piece of the Pie (Bonus Beats)
Side B
4. Gangsta Groove*
5. Gangsta Groove (Inst.)*
6. Incredible Shout Out Track Bonus Beats*
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