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Souls of Mischief - Trilogy: Conflict, Climax, Resolution, CD

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The first group release from Souls of Mischief since 1995's "No Man's Land". Souls change up their style again. Check the whirling sounds on "Medication" for a glimpse.

01. Intro

02. Trilogy

03. Interrogation

04. Last Nite

05. Save The Babies [Conflict]

06. Bad Business

07. Danglin'

08. Mama Knows Best

09. Medication

10. That Ain't Life [Climax]

11. 4th Floor Freaks

12. Acupuncture

13. Fucked

14. Soundscience

15. Supdoder [What's The Re?]

16. Airborne Rangers

17. Phoenix Rising [Resolution]

18. Enemy Minds

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