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Sonic Sum - The Sanity Annex, 2XLP Vinyl

Sonic Sum - The Sanity Annex, 2XLP Vinyl

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The debut album from this heads-turning hip hop action crew that hails from the same camp as Saul Williams, Company Flow, Mike Ladd, Juggaknots, and Mr. Lif. An open-minded and turntable-mad frenzy of abstract sound, challenging lyrics and get-smart beats.

01. Velour 80 Grit
02. Salad Fork
03. Downtown Maze
04. Eratika
05. Sara-inge
06. Callarama Gala
07. Flatlands
08. It's An Ashtray
09. Himbro St
10. Window Seat
11. Anesthesia Make Believe
12. Skypirate
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