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SonGodSuns - Over The Counter Culture, CD

SonGodSuns - Over The Counter Culture, CD

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SONGODSUNS aka 2Mex. Featuring an all-star production team that includes Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Babu the Dilated Junkie, DJ Khalil (Self Scientific) Life Rexall (Shape Shifters), Omid, Polyhedron, KeyKool (Visionaries), and Deeskee, along with guest appearances by fellow crewmates the Visionaries, Shape Shifters, Bus Driver, Jean Grae, and more, the record pushes forward boundaries in both sound and scope.

Track Listing:

1. Once Again (Rock Rework)
2. It's All 4 You feat. Reese
3. Minors Into Fire feat. Busdriver
4. Gone 'Til Whenever
5. Big Beat Walkthrough feat. Jean Grae
6. Love Interlude
7. Everyday
8. Dream Small
9. Love Interlude
10. So Many More Words
11. Interruption From The Lie Love You
12. I Didn't Mean To Touch Your Hand (The Last Desperate Attempt) L
13. Breathe Of A Salseman feat. Jean Grae
14. S-S-Sorry feat. LMNO, Life Rexall
15. Everywhere Once
16. Songodsuns At Night feat. KeyKool
17. Over The Counter Culture
18. Don't feat. Die, Life Rexall, Joe Dub, Lord Zen
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