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Solillaquists of Sound - As If We Existed, CD

Solillaquists of Sound - As If We Existed, CD

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Proteges of politically-minded rapper Sage Francis, SoL.iLLaquists of Soun arrive with their debut album. S.O.S breakdown barriers of live hip-hop performance - beat-artist DiVinci plays his MPC with the passion and intensity of a Hendrix or a Townsend, filling the stage with an astonishing sonic landscape. In the studio, these athletic beats form the perfect setting for MC Swamburger's flow, a tongue-twisting, machine-gunning cadence whose precision is surgical in both rhythm and message.

Track Listing:
01 Pledge of Resonance
02 Property & Malt Liquor
03 As If We Existed
04 Mark it Place
05 Ask Me If I Care
06 Black Guy Peace
07 Choices
08 Berlin
09 Beautiful Catastrophe
10 Ur Turn
11 All Too Common
12 Our 2 Cents
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