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Sole - Nuclear Winter Vol. 1, CD

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Cover versions of hip hop club hits with lyrics re-written to give the songs a new theme. Performed over the original beats.
Track Listing:
1. Introacalypse
2. Every Day I'm Hustling
3. My President feat. Jared Paul (of Prayers For Athiests)
4. Push It
5. So The Rich Can Sleep Tonight feat. SoL.iLLaquists Of Sound (SoLiLLaquists Of Sound)
6. Mow Us Down feat. J-Swag
7. Technology feat. Ceschi Ramos
8. Love Me No More feat. J-Swag
9. Swagger Like Us feat. Astronautalis, Ceschi Ramos, Bleubird
10. Heartless
11. The Bigger Picture
12. Put On feat. Time, Extra Kool
13. Juicy feat. Astronautalis
14. Where They Put My Flag On?
15. Goodnight & Good Luck (Outro)

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