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Scribble Jam

Scribble Jam Archive Number 1, DVD

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In 1997 Scribble Magazine and Mr. Dibbs began a festival to celebrate the first issue of Scribble Magazine. Scribble Jam is now known as the underground event that allows kids across the world to take an active role in the culture they love. Emcees, DJ's, B-Boys and Graffiti artists come from all over to demonstrate their abilities in preserving hip-hop in its truest form. Scribble Jam is one of the only places left in America, that combines all four elements as they were meant to be. Over the years, Scribble Jam has become a proving ground for those who remain true to preserving the culture. What you hold in your hands is a collection of highlights from Scribble Jam's videos that up until now were only offered on VHS. Now this 3 day excursion into hip-hop takes place every August in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is now an infamous proving ground for some of today's best MC's, DJ's, B-Boys and Graff writers.