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Scribble Jam

Scribble Jam 2003 - Bootleg Vol. 1, DVD

Scribble Jam 2003 - Bootleg Vol. 1, DVD

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Since the inception of Scribble Jam, Duece Leader has been the unofficial behind the scenes Documentor of Scribble Jam. This is his first Official Bootleg DVD of the 2003 Pre-Lim Battles. Some people out there always want to see the whole battle on the DVD, but of course the room on a DVD does not exist for all the events of Scribble Jam. This DVD contains Deuce Leaders Vision of what should be on each and Every Scribble Jam DVD!

2003 Scribble Jam MC Battle Official Bootleg DVD! Almost 2 Hours of uncensored MC Battle recorded at Scribble Jam 2003! Includes entire Pre-lim Battle, Pre-lim Winners in Main Battle, and UNRELEASED Amin Battle Footage! Remember this is the OFFICIAL BOOTLEG, so quality is. . .well not bad actually. Produced and edited by Duece Leader Backed by Scribble Jam
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