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Scratch Attack: I Want My Battle Record Back You Bastard! Vol. 1, CD

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Scratch Attack: I Want My Battle Record Back You Bastard! is taken from the two-hour, monthly radio show that broadcast on KPFA and featured recorded & live DJ skratch sessions, as well as scratch news and DJ interviews.  This CD compilation is taken from the show featuring live sessions and especially recorded tracks for Scratch Attack.

1) DJs Stoic/Dank/Bonez Scratch Attack: I Want My Battle Record Back You Bastard (Intro) (:31). Produced by DJ Stoic with contributions from DJ Dank (sounds) and DJ Bonez (scratches).
2) NoNekNed Skratch (4:07)
3) DJ T-Rock Skratch It And Change It! (2:42)
4) Relm & Streak WeDigChicksDotCom (LIVE) (6:13)
5) Album Cover To Masturbate To (Crude Interlude) (:10)
6) D-Styles/Pone/Snayk Eyez Morbid Innuendo of the Skratch Kind (LIVE) (5:40)
7) DJ Stoic Autumn Shuffle (2:46)
8) DJ 8-Ball 2-Tone 8-Ball (LIVE) (1:58) 
9) Coretex (feat. DJ Vandal & Rubian) Skratch Caffeine (3:16)
10) Rupert Jees Shout-Out (:07)
11) DJ Shortkut Aint It Funky (LIVE) (3:58)
12) Kraftjerkz feat. Kid Ginseng & DJ 704 Canibinoidz (2:17)
13) DJ Platurn Meltdown - Live (5:32)
14) Grand Wizard Theodore ID (:08)
15) Snayk Eyez (LIVE) Bay Area Skratch (4:12)
16) DJ Quest Call-In Scratch (LIVE) (1:04)
17) Sum-1 Come To Get Busy (2:51)
18) DJ Ngobility Turntable Nobility (LIVE) (1:34)
19) Backspin Boyz Quit Playin With My Records (LIVE) (1:04)
20) Golden Chyld Sir Golden Chyld Boulevard (LIVE) (6:31)
21) Troubled Soul What Is Your Trouble? (1:16)
22) Record Collectors (OUTRO) (:18)
23) What Is Hip Hop Records (4:53)
24) By The Time I Got To Phoenix Half My Crate Was Gone (1:17)
25) Too Hard For The Fuckin Radio (:23)

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