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Schoolhouse Funk (Limited Edition Re-Issue), CD

Schoolhouse Funk (Limited Edition Re-Issue), CD

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Class is Back in Session with a Limited Edition Re-Release of the ORIGINAL Schoolhouse Funk!

The year: 1994. Lyrics Born and DJ Shadow are having a conversation about the curious and as-yet undocumented world of high-school records... those rare recordings of recitals, concerts, and assemblies pressed up by public schools and colleges. Manufactured in minute quantities, the records are intended as keepsakes for the students, much like yearbooks. However, unearthed years after the fact and out of context, the records can often convey a strange, warped sense of musicality... or lack thereof!

"I've got the dopest high school record, check this out," Shadow proclaims. Lyrics Born simply listens. "That's cool," he replies, "But I've got this one record that tops them all. I'll bring it over next time I see you."

A week passes, and Lyrics Born arrives with record in hand. "Here it is," he deadpans, and hands Shadow a double LP. "What, they do a Marva Whitney cover?!" Shadow exclaims. "This, I gotta hear!"

By the end of the listening session, Shadow can only agree... Lyrics Born's high school record was the dopest. And, inspired by the emergence of a newly ordained realm of collecting, Shadow began his quest unearth the toughest, most outrageous, most egregious school band records on the planet. Several years later, and with the help of a few other like-minded and adventurous collectors, Schoolhouse Funk was born.
Track Listing:
01 Intro
02 Black Roots
03 Thing Medley / I Made A Mistake
04 KCOR Variations
05 Cisco Kid
06 The World Is A Ghetto
07 Funky Beat
08 Scorpio
09 Funky Side Of Town (Instrumental)
10 Nine Monks
11 Second Half Intro / Red Clay (Reprise)
12 Camel Back
13 Sudsy (Soul Pride)
14 A Toast To The Boogie
15 Emergency
16 Chameleon
17 Give It Away
18 Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
19 Loose Booty
20 The Newborn Hippopotamus / Jazz Rock Machine
21 Outro
22 Mothership Connection (Star Child)
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